This page displays all sessions available to you. This includes sessions for which you are the Mentor as well as those for which you are the Client. It may also include sessions completed by other members of your group, if you have been granted access to them.

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The first column of the Session List indicates the current state of the session, and is described using the Table which follows.

If you are permitted to change the meeting time of the session, the second column will be selectable: Clicking on that will popup instructions for rescheduling.

The middle column indicates who is participating in the session, including a Team name, if a team is included.

The final column of the Session List includes links to information about the session. Select any of those links to see more information.

scheduledScheduled First stage of a session. Client should be filling out Pre-Call Questionnaire [My Input] and Personal Profile. When ready, Client will Submit answers to the Mentor. Meeting may be rescheduled or removed from the calendar by clicking on the meeting time.
submittedSubmitted Client has completed Questionnaire, and submitted answers. Mentor should be reviewing input and preparing for Mentor Session. Client may resubmit Questionnaire if changes are required. Meeting may be rescheduled or removed from the calendar by clicking on the meeting time.
completedCompleted Client and Mentor have held the Mentor Session. Mentor has completed the report and notified the Client. If the session includes a Session Summary Report, [SSR], the Client may view this [SSR] online. The [SSR] can also be downloaded. If no SSR is included, the Mentor's final comments are included on the Client's Session Input page.
unassignedUnassigned For whatever reason, there is no longer a Mentor associated with this session. Client may continue editing input, but will need to assign a Mentor to this session before continuing any further.

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