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From the Administrator's Program list, you can access more details about a particular program by clicking on the program title. A new page is displayed with all information about only the selected program.

Example: Programs List (detail)

In the top bar with the program title, click on Template to edit the program template. Additionally, there are a few buttons which act upon this program:

Expands each program line to display reported progress (if any) and, for Team Programs, member names. The team leader will be indicated with an asterisk, ‘*’. If one of the listed people has never logged in, we include a warning image: Never Logged in warning. (Only visible once you've selected "More...")
Add User
Allows you to add a person or group to this program
If there is an Audit defined for the program, this button will be displayed next the Archive button. The audit will result in a spreadsheet download and includes activity related to each member of the group. Audits are currently defined only for programs based on New User Training and New Mentor Training. See Program Audits for details about using an audit to understand user engagement.
Archive this program template and all programs associated with this template. To unarchive the whole program, select View Archived Programs at the bottom of the full program list.
Delete this template and all members of this program (this cannot be undone).

From this view you can also Archive or Delete any particular user's program.

Example: highlighting archive and delete buttons
Archive Archive
removes it from view (your view and the user's view). You can unarchive it later.
Delete Delete
removes the user's program from the system and cannot be undone.

As with the full program list, you can archive or delete individual program members. This list includes a Show Archived which allows to you see and unarchive individual program members.

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