Program Download

You can download all programs, or just the program users for a single program template.

The resulting file is comma-separated-values (CSV), easily imported into most spreadsheet applications. It will be similar to:

Program IdProgram TitleProgram TypeNameMentors
1515Intro to PlatformIndividualTom Jones
1551Intro to PlatformIndividualJane Smith
1555Accelerator SpringGroupTim's TeamAbby Adams
Terry Dow
715Accelerator SpringGroupJerry's TeamAndrew Dao

To download all programs:

After a few seconds your browser will download the file. Only non-archived programs will be included with this list.

To download only members of a particular program, or to download an archived program, use the Download... button found on the particular program's list view.

Program Download button

You can download an archived program by first viewing it, and then selecting the download button. You do not need to first unarchive the program.

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