Group Account Access Management

Group Administrators can set a variety of permissions for each member in their group. This page describes what each permission means.

Access to the permissions page is under

and is accessible only to Group Administrators.

The Members and Permissions Table lists all current members of the selected group account.

  • If the user has been activated but never logged in, we include "Never Logged In". If the user has not been activated, we include "Not activated". Activation, in this case, means the user has been notified that they have an account.
  • Click on the Checkboxes to immediately change value for the user.
  • Shift-click is available to quickly change the value for many users: Click on a checkbox and then shift-click on a second checkbox to enable all, or disable a set of users for the selected permission. Shift-click only works on a single column at a time and the first & last checkboxes must be the same initial value (i.e, both enabled or both disabled).
  • Click on delete to remove the user from your group. This does not delete the user from Cal Poly Entrepreneurship Platform, but it will remove the user’s ability to use your group account.

Administrator Privileges

Administrator Privileges show you which members of this group also have administrative privileges. These privileges allow them to enable / disable User Permissions for other members of this group (and any subgroups). An administrator with a particular privilege can also grant (or revoke) that privilege to others members of this group.

Note that administrators of groups "above" this group will also have the same privileges in this group, though they are not listed here (there is no need to add them explicitly to this group.)

Add Users & Groups
Allows this user to add, remove users from the group; rename this group and add sub-groups. (To rename, Right-Click, or Option-Click on the group name in the tree above.)

When you add a new user, that user will have the same User Permissions as you, but will have no administrator privileges.

Allocate Funds & Budget
Allows this user to set or remove Budget limitations to other users in this group. This user can also add manage account funds by adding directly to its balance or by moving funds from another group (where this administer also has Funds privilege). (To allocate funds, Right-Click, or Option-Click on the group name in the tree above from which you which to allocate funds.)
Meeting Access & Recommend
Allows this user to set “Any Mentor” or “Recommend Required” User Permissions. In addition, this administrator may make recommendations to any user in this group.
Authorize Meeting Approval
Allows this user to set “Approval Required” User Permission. In addition, this administrator will be responsible for fielding all approval requests made by this group.

Note that there can be no more than one Approval administrator per group. By designating one individual with this privilege, you will remove it from any other administrator who is also a member of this group.

If no group member is designated as the Approval administrator, approval requests are forwarded to the administrator in the parent group.

Enable View MSRs
Allows this user to set or revoke “View Group MSRs” User Permission.

User Permissions

User Permissions show you the specific capabilities of each user in this group. User permissions can be changed by members with the proper adminstrative privilege.

Meeting Access — Any Mentor
Allows this user to engage meetings and Premium Content using this group’s account. (Users can always purchase meetings using their personal account, however these meetings are not visible to this group.)
Meeting Access — Recommendation Required
Allows this user to engage meetings and Premium Content using this group’s account, only for those Mentors/topics recommended to this user. If the expert or topic is not recommended, then the user may not use this account. Note that the user will be able to view other group-purchased Premium Content and (if View Group MSRs is selected) may be able to view all Meeting Summary Reports associated with this group.
Meeting Access — Approval Required
Whereas the other the 'Meeting Access' options control which Mentors may be engaged, this option controls how the Mentor may be contacted. If selected, then the user must obtain approval prior to booking a meeting. If not selected, then the user is not required to obtain prior approval.

Approval will be reviewed by this group's administrator with “Require Meeting Approval ” privilege.

View Group MSRs
Allows this user to view all completed Meeting Summary Reports associated with this group. (That is, all meetings engaged using this account.)
Budget — Limit, Spent
If specified, user is permitted to cumulatively spend up to this limit, subject to “Meetimg Access” limitations. Administrator with “Allocate Funds & Budget” (Funds) privilege can raise or lower this amount, or remove restriction. Also shown is the amount already spent. Viewable only by Funds Administrators.

Funds Administrators can click on the limit to change the value.

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