Using Google Sign On

You may be able to sign in using your Google identity.

Google sign on

If you select this option during sign in you may be prompted, by Google, to provide password or other two-factor authentication. We never see any of this information. The result of this is an email address sent to us. If that email is in our database, we'll sign you in.

It's optional, easy, and you have the security forces at Google protecting you. While technically we get temporary access to your name and Google profile photo (if any), we don't use it. We don't get any other information, and we are not able to post on your behalf.

You may still see an "Unknown user" error, even after otherwise successful Google sign in. Common causes are:

I signed into Google, but I still see "Unknown user"
Your Google account is associated with a single email address: Google may know who you are, but we don't.

Fix: If you have multiple Google accounts, you may be able to sign in by selecting a different account.

My Google email doesn't match the email I use here
Perhaps your Cal Poly Entrepreneurship Platform email address is managed by your school or company and not recognized by Google.

Fix: You can change your platform email address to match your Google address, if you like:

  1. Login using your registered Cal Poly Entrepreneurship Platform email and password.
  2. Select
  3. Logout. Next time you login, you can select the Google sign in option.
I have multiple Google accounts, and Google used the wrong account
Usually, Google will prompt you to select which account to use. However, sometimes Google appears to select one of your accounts for you, which may not be to correct one. This happens most commonly on mobile, when you're currently signed into only one of your Google accounts.

Fix: Either sign out of all Google accounts, or sign into a second Google account. Easiest way is to simply open Gmail in another window and sign in.

What happens to your Cal Poly Entrepreneurship Platform password? Nothing. You can login using Google sign in one day (using your Google password), and your email + local password on another day: we don't care. Changing your password using

changes only your local password. If you forget your password, you can still request a reset, which will reset only your local password.

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