Credit Card Processing

We do not store credit card information on the platform. In fact, your credit card information is never even transmitted to TrustedPeer, so you may be wondering how it works.

How does it work?

When a request for payment is made, we send some identifying codes to your browser, which prompts you for credit card information. When you submit the form on your browser, your browser securely transmits a set of codes to our credit card processor, Stripe. These codes include your credit card information, the amount to be charged, and a reference to our account with Stripe. Stripe sees your information, we do not.

Assuming a successful transaction, we'll receive a "success" notification, with a code representing you as a "customer", a code representing your card (if you chose to save your card) and the amount charged.

We store your customer id and the the transaction information.

Is it safe?

Yes. Your customer id is unique to our relationship. It will only work when used by us for charges from us. That means:

  • This code cannot be used by someone else. Stripe will deny requests which do not originate from us.
  • We cannot use it to purchase a ski vacation. Stripe will deny requests which do not purchase services from us.

In an extreme case, this code could be abused by us, to purchase our services, but you'll see that as additional charges from TrustedPeer on your credit card: No way for us to hide.

If you suspect any charge, contact us at If we can't resolve it for you, contact your bank, and/or contact Stripe.

What about my saved cards?

If we don't store your credit card information, how can we save your cards? Good question.

Because we store your Stripe customer code, we can request information about any saved cards (i.e., cards saved at your request, and associated only with purchases made here.) Stripe will provide us with only the last four digits, type of card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) and expiration. We never see the full set of digits, or the special code on the back of your card.

Questions or concerns? Ask away, we're here to help.

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